The public domain free version of Steinberg Cubase v1.00 Lite provided on a floppy disk for your Atari ST. A high resolution monitor is recommended but you could use high resolution emulation software if you only have a colour monitor or television. Please ask me for details on this high resolution monochrome software if required.

Not long after the release of Cubase version 3, Steinberg released an entry level cut down version called Cubase Lite, which brought professional level sequencing down to a more cost effective price. Of course less money means fewer features, but the interface was the same and arrangements made in Cubase Lite could be used in Cubase, so there was always an upgrade path.

The key editor, drum editor, MIDI controller page and the Interactive Phrase Synthesizer are missing, as are many of the more complex quantizing options and the modular structure of Cubase 3. But the score editor, though cut down is surprisingly useful, and it is still possible to use Cubase Lite to produce fairly complex compositions, you just had to be more creative with your editing sometimes.

Steinberg released the software on a german magazine coverdisk several years ago, with a note stating that the software was now deemed freeware.

Product Highlights

Here are the product’s highlights:

16 track MIDI sequencer
Multitrack tape-style playback
Score editor
Solo and cycle modes.

System Requirements

Atari ST, Mega ST, STe or Mega STe series computer, Atari TT030 or an Atari Falcon 030 – 1MB RAM bare minimum

Please note, this is NOT the full version of Cubase v1.00 or v2.00 or v3.00. It is a full working version of Cubase with some cut down features. I have done by best to detail these features here. You can review the screenshots attached to this listing for further information that is maybe not detailed.

Tested and working.