A good example Atari STE with TOS v1.62 and 4Mb RAM, ideal for Cubase, games, and applications.
Included in this auction:
  1. Atari STE computer
  2. Power cable
It is generally possible to purchase a DIN to SCART (colour with stereo sound) cable off eBay for around £10-£12.
The unit has been fully tested using the official Atari diagnostics cartridge, mouse and joystick ports re-soldered and cleaned/disinfected inside and out.

Joystick and mouse also available for additional cost, please see our other items, or message us for availability.

With 4Mb of memory this retro computer is perfect for serious applications such as Cubase, PRO24 and other MIDI and music applications, not to mention DTP etc and, of course, gaming!!
  • The computer itself has been soak tested for 12 hours
  • Cleaned and disinfected inside and out
  • Keyboard dismantled, cleaned and disinfected
  • Keyboard joints for the joystick and mouse re-soldered
  • Main motherboard and keyboard motherboard checked for ageing capacitors and changed where required
  • Format / verify / read and write double sided floppy drive test
  • Display clear on RF and monitor
  • External floppy disk drive connected and tested
  • All screws and parts present
  • 100+ pass memory test


This Atari ST has been tested with the official Atari ST Field Service Diagnostics cartridge (used by certified Atari technicians back in the day) and passed all official Atari ST internal tests which included:-
  • RAM test
  • O.S. ROM test
  • Colour test
  • Keyboard test
  • Audio test
  • Timing test
  • Real-time clock test
  • Short blitter test
  • Long blitter test
  • DMA test
This auction includes the computer only.  It does not include a mouse, joystick or software – please see our other listings for such items.  Bundle discount will be available on request.
What’s included in the auction with specifications
Atari 1040 STE computer
– 4Mb of system memory
– TOS v1.06
– GEM v0.17
– AES v1.40
– Serial #3126350
Questions we are regularly asked
  • What’s the difference between a 520 STE and a 1040 STE?  Nothing, except the internal memory specification.  From the factory, the Atari 520 STE has 512Kb of internal memory, the Atari 1040 STE has 1Mb of internal memory but the Atari ST for sale with this auction is 4Mb of upgraded internal memory in an Atari 520 STE which originally had 512Kb of internal memory.
  • Which modes does this computer support?  Low, high and medium resolutions dependent on monitor and cables used.
  • Can I upgrade TOS (The Operating System)?  Yes, for a small fee I can program alternative versions of TOS and TOS languages and fit.
  • Does this auction include Cubase?  No it doesn’t. The Cubase software is still covered under copyright and it is ILLEGAL to sell a copied version of Cubase to anyone without breaking the law under piracy laws.  There is a Cubase Lite version I can include free of charge which is a cut down version of the full blown Cubase application.
  • Can I pick up the Atari?  I would prefer to deliver or collect the Atari, dependant on location, due to the fragility of the cases.  Although I send the Atari computers out very, very well packaged using a reputable courier (I don’t use Hermes for anything large and fragile), it is also beneficial to show the Atari working, with a demo, so the buyer is happy with the computer and how to use it.
  • Does the computer come with any other hardware, software or peripherals?   No, the auction shows an Atari ST unit only so please do not assume it comes with a mouse, joystick, software, box, disks etc unless otherwise advertised.  I will always reduce multiple purchases bought at the same time and combine postage.
  • Are you reputable?  Yes, I have been upgrading and working with Atari computers for over 25 years.  I am also part of the Atari demo scene community, so care about the community.  It’s not just about making money!!
  • Why are your prices higher than others?   It takes hours to refurbish these units properly.  You can be rest assured that you will receive a top quality, lovingly refurbished item ready for use, and properly tested.
  • Where do you ship?  Internationally, except South America, Russia (unless tracked and buyer takes ALL responsibility of carriage) and Africa.  If you’re buying from outside the European Union, please contact us before purchase to confirm delivery costs as eBay’s shipping zones do not match ones for my courier for some countries.
  • Do I have any Falcon’s or Falcon spares for sale?  No, I am afraid we do not have any Atari Falcon machines or spares.
We have over 25 years of experience in the Atari ST computer line, from refurbishing to programming, to the scene and in the business and the leisure sectors, starting off by running our own Public Domain library in the 1990s!
Buy with confidence!

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